From my research, I found that the visually impaired have difficulty using the current bus system. Identifying bus numbers as they approach and putting out your hand to indicate to the driver that you want to board is not an inclusive system, and in this day and age is outdated.
In this bus stop design, a 'call' button allows your bus number to be illuminated on the exterior of the bus stop as the bus approaches. This makes it clear to bus drivers which bus you wish to board.
As the bus approaches, its number is announced and displayed within the bus stop so everyone can get ready to board. Journey maps and timetables for each bus are more comprehensive. There is an 'info' button that everyone can use to hear an audio message announcing when the next bus will arrive, along with information about destinations.
This was a project that focussed heavily on observational and user research to gain key insights. Feedback was received from all stakeholders in the design, including bus users, the visually impaired and bus drivers. This feedback was used to drive design decisions, and to create a product that would suit everyone.

A video showing the user journey with the design.