Our brief for this project was to design a product that would combine both lasers and music, to inspire younger generations to pursue science, specifically the science of light. Our group focussed on a product that could be brought to schools, where children could compose a simple piece of music that could then be 'programmed' onto a rotating drum, that when turned would play their song.
Blocks could be rearranged on the rotating drum to allow the composition of a four bar piece of music. These blocks would cut the laser beams as the drum was rotated, each beam corresponding to a note.
LightNotes was designed to be used in the classroom to educate children about lasers in a creative way. Surveys and interviews were conducted with teachers to design a product that was fit for purpose, and could be integrated into teaching.

The first working prototype.

A closer view of the blocks breaking the laser beams.

A further model manufactured for the International Year of Light and displayed at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, showing user interaction with the product.