This was a project that involved extensive prototyping, while also allowing me to develop an awareness about the commercial aspects of manufacturing and selling your own products. This was a valuable experience, as it allowed me to take something from an initial design to point of sale, being involved with every aspect of the design process along the way.
Experimentation and testing was key in this project, and it allowed me to discover the gradient ink effect that I could create in the concrete. Testing different concrete mixes and pigmentation allowed me to refine the manufacturing process, and create a product that is still on sale today.
Multiple shapes were prototyped using simple single-use cardboard moulds. Once the final shapes were decided, silicone was used to cast the desired shapes, allowing the pots to be made again and again.
The planters on sale at the Glasgow School of Art Shop. They can also be purchased online here:
Featured in Home & Interiors Scotland and The Guardian Gift Guide 2016.